Employer Zone


SciStaff has a database of over 10 000 qualified scientists around South Africa. Should you need assistance in filling a scientific vacancy please call or e-mail us and one of our recruitment consultants will assist you.

Services SciStaff offers to clients include:

  • Creating suitable job descriptions and advertisements based on the client's needs
  • Sourcing of suitable candidates from the SciStaff database
  • Advertising positions in relevant media
  • Screening, interviewing and reference checking of potential candidates
  • Liaise with candidates to arrange interviews at the client site
  • Verifying qualifications and personal details as required

SciStaff’s recruitment consultants can assist you in sourcing suitably qualified staff:

  • In a broad range of scientific fields including those that are chemical, biological, medical, engineering or material related (among others)
  • Who are at levels ranging from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals

In addition SciStaff works with the following partners to offer expanded specialist services:

  • UrbanEarth sustainability consultants to assist in filling environmental sustainability and renewable energy vacancies
  • KD Consulting pharmaceutical consultants to assist in filling vacancies requiring pharmacists in regulatory, quality, production and related fields

Should clients have needs for non-scientific positions to be filled we are able to offer the services of our own non-scientific recruiter or are able to partner with other APSO accredited recruitment agencies.


Should you require more information about our services, please speak to one of our recruitment consultants:

Tel: 021 887 7433
e-mail: info@scistaff.co.za

We have a wide range of candidates specialising in a wide range of scientific fields.